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Rougher Than Any Other Nationality? Against these two nations the Swedes of the Livonian island of Runö constitute a beautiful contrast. The Winnipeg Free Press described the Scandinavians as model immigrants: There were terrifying men playing cards with dirty, soiled decks of cards. But there was space for all of them, even if a family of eight people would have to make do with the same space as four of us Scandinavians. Standard Danish or other dialects are often unintelligible to them.

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In general the men are stately, blond, with solid bone structures; from the honest and open faces, hardened by wind and weather gaze large, deep blue and faithful eyes.

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De flydde helst en neslig lydnad under engelska kronan för att uppsöka sina otaliga fränder i USA. Vi må alltmer få klart för oss, att svenskarna av jämförelsevis ren nordisk stam äro ett rasfolk i biologisk mening. In this process, Norway lost one third of its population, Sweden nearly one quarter. Aksel Sandemose and Canada: There are no more election campaigns … The schools introduce a foreign language in which the children are forced to be taught … In the formerly Swedish churches it is forbidden to preach and confess the protestant faith in the Swedish language. Instinktivt skockade vi skandinavier ihop oss och drogo oss bort i salens friskaste hörn. The music was death electro and all of a sudden a wave of tiredness slapped me so me and Kajsa went back to hers and fell asleep in her bed, telling ghost stories until morning.

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